Parce qu’on trouve ça extatique, romantique, sexy, animal et communiste, on pense que 3 ans ça se fête, on le crie sur les toits, on invite (pour la 3ème fois), hors les murs, une bande estivale d’artistes érotiques : THE SORRY ENTERTAINERS DJ set (Shitkatapult- Berlin), CRAME (Paris), JACQUES (Smallville Records – Hamburg) et TITE (Poni Hoax – Paris).

Et parce qu’on vous aime (à 3 ou plus) on sera là, plus ou moins dénudés, pour la tendresse, l’affection et les sourires magiques.

The Sorry Entertainers

Shitkatapult - Berlin
A hot summer day and a label meeting with Lotti and Raz Ohara in Berlin-Kreuzberg: 100 degrees, apple spritzer, cigarettes.

After finding a place in the shade, the two guys tell us about their project. Lotti originally had started The Sorry Entertainers about five years ago with a friend. It started as a DJ project, with “everything goes” as its motto and was all about 110 bpm and exploring the possibilities of positive music beyond the borders of techno worries. Numerous gigs at festivals and in clubs ensued, as well as a residency at Bar25’s circus.

When Lotti met Raz a little while later, he was running the project by himself. Since they instantly connected musically, they went straight for the studio. In 2010, they will finally release New Age, the perfect debut maxi for the new Sorry Entertainers. Between hippie and techno, bar and studio, immersion and intoxication, the depths of music are still the main aim. With Berlin techno mainstream waving in the distance, three tracks will dunk you into joy while cheerfully pointing in all directions: house, electronic, soul, funk, songwriting, track, downbeat, club. No dogmas but the exact genius of someone who knows what they’re doing.

The sounds of End of Times Edit, Desperate Pilgrim and New Age shimmer on the surface as well as below, while freely following the undercurrent. Vocals morph from leading voice to sound effect, violins become a sound design and everything has been touched by an enormous passion for detail. A beautiful puzzle with a million pieces, baffling in a great, lyrical way: new age at its best.

Jacques Smallville

Smallville - France


Society of Silence - France
Paris based Dj Tite aka Nicolas Villebrun, half of Society of Silence, has also released tracks on Aim and Roundabout Sounds.


(House of Moda - Paris

29 juin 2012

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